CIAA Instructors Qualified To Teach Tai Chi, Yiquan and other Internal Martial Arts

These instructors from across the UK have all been through a CIAA accredited program. They are all capable instructors of Internal Martial Arts, each with their own perspective and focus on some, or all the internal martial arts of Tai Chi, Yiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Qigong.

Where Can I Find A Good Tai Chi Instructor Near Me?

Across the UK, and regions across England, look for an instructor who has completed an accredited course over a number of years. Also, ask who they were taught by and whether they or their instructor is a descendent of recognised Tai Chi lineage. All our instructors can make this claim, and many have taken up direct contact directly with Chinese experts in the internal martial arts, and Tai Chi in particular.

What Are The Benefits of Learning Tai Chi And Other Martial Arts?

You will feel physically fitter, Tai Chi improves mental health by helping you feel calmer and relaxed. In addition Tai Chi offers the following benefits:

  • Low impact exercise for everybody - By focusing on a series of slow movements, Tai Chi strengthens by co-ordinating both active and balancing muscles. Tai Chi is suitable for any age or physical condition, and with regular practice will improve your health.
  • Better balance - By slowing down the movement you flow through a sequence of positions. Over time your balance gets better and you become more rooted.
  • More internal strength - Regularly practicing Tai Chi will give you more internal power.
  • Improved posture - With practice, you’ll become more aware of your body's position which aids improved posture.
  • Time to Relax – Tai Chi can reduce feelings of stress. Finding time to properly relax, breath and become calm whilst moving through different exercises.

Find A Tai Chi Instructor Near Me

If you need help finding a well qualified Tai Chi instructor, please contact us. We can recommend someone in your area, and take a look at the list of instructors below. Instructors are listed in alphabetical order, by location.

Loc Instructor Contact Web
Aldershot, Hants.Alla Bennett 07714 621 806 /
BuckinghamshireGraham Lawton 07768 838208 Willow Tai Chi
BedfordshireIan Deavin07860
Berkshire & OxfordshireKaren Pounds07867 954 786
Bishopstoke/Hants.Eleanor Thomas07714 340 776
BristolMark Leonard0117 977
BristolFrank Pring0117 377
BromleySylvia Jarvis0772 995 2918e-mail:
CamberleyGary Jones01344 77 88 70
CavershamJohn Henry07867
ChichesterSam Moor07748 113
CholseyAlan Baker01491 652 391
Cheltenham/GloucesterOlly Leonard07508 686 315
FarehamCraig Jones0781
HampshirePauline Brennan 07941 134568Willow Tai Chi
Kidmore End, BerksDebbie Page0118 9722 812
Luton, BedsMatthew Catlin 07720 539 707
NewburyAlma Lopez-Tolman0163 5299
Newick & Brighton, East SussexLisa Sang07454 330 138
North Somerset - ClevedonTom Sapsed07766 757 276
OxfordEmma Westlake/Phil Muil07710 768
Stratford on AvonDebbie Wild07773 318
SwindonMark Jones0179 364
WoodleyPhil Larsson0118 966